Afriqhair is an African hairstyling and handmade product brand specializing in all things protective and natural. They aim to provide affordable, modern, culturally innovative protective hairstyles and quality products. Afriqhair was in its early stages and needed direction to elevate its brand visuals and presence and relaunch its website. I consulted with the co-founders on their relaunch strategy, product design, brand photography, and social media presence and designed its website. 
Brand Photography
I provided direction for the client to take professional high-quality brand photos, styling models in Ankara prints, and marks on faces reminiscent of west African culture, which the brand draws inspiration from and has connections to. Due to the low budget, we devised a plan to offer reduced-priced hair styling for existing clients and friends with the offer for them to model for Afriqhair. The images used on the website and social media content add a cohesive and branded feel. I also had the client use the images as highlight covers on Instagram to categorize and document clips of popular hairstyles. 

Photographed by @ornelle.c

Social Media
I provided direction for the client to increase content posting with ideas such as before and after stylings, client testimonials and selfies, behind-the-scenes videos, and still imagery across feed and stories posts. As a result, their follower count grew to over 2000 within a few years. 
Product design
I designed their initial shea butter container label, which allowed the client to make multiple variations as they expanded their product line. The design features interchangeable Ankara prints (color-patterned fabric originating in west Africa) to complement the various shea butter flavors. 

Photographed by @armenyl

E-commerce website design for Afriqhair, a small business that specializes in affordable, modern, culturally innovative protective hairstyles and african merchandise. The site is designed for the user to easily book an hairstyle appointment and purchase products while enjoying a vibrant, contemporary, responsive design. 

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